Elias' 5th Birthday

On March 22nd 2007, Elias turned 5 years old.

He is into building legos, dancing and asking questions. He is very bright and loves to spar with his older brother!

He has a new friend, Marcus from kindergarden. We invited the kindergarden over for a birthday party and Elias was pleased at being the center of attention.

Click on the pictures!!!!

Elias and Marcus at play

old enough to use a scissors!

what' so funny about playmobil?

yea! more presents!  Joshua gets presents too! a little help from mommy a new book
Elias' kindergarden Elias' kindergarden playing birthday horns cover your ears, Marcus!

book of drawings from Kindegarden

Thanks mom cake time! time to eat

time to play!

chocolate hunt

handing out the chocolates

 The slide at kindergarden is bigger!