3 Years!

Joshua is now officially a little boy.

He's taken part in his first Christmas play, if reluctantly, and helps decorate Christmas trees. He rides a bicycle with training wheels, plays trains with the big boys, got his first toy gun and stayed up to greet the new year.

It was a hard Christmas - Joshua was sick for four days with the flu, and grandpa Viggo was still recovering from surgery and couldn't play much. But Joshua recovered and got home in time to celebrate New Years with his good friends Kristian and Anna.

Click on the pictures!

xmas play - first elf on the right
The elf closeup
A bike from Grandma for Christmas
Flemming helps get up the driveway
Decorating the Xmas tree
Santa and Grandpa help Joshua
Training with the big boys
Playing chase with Aunt Annelise
Bond, James Bond
Closeup of a three year old
Grandpa Viggo helps with the birthday gifts
Joshua´s party
Cake man, a Danish birthday tradition
Iben gives Joshua his first gun
cowboy with pacifier