Lalandia, Laeso, Legoland and Elias' Birthday

In February, Ane took the family to Lalandia to celebrate her birthday. In May, we took a trip up to Laeso, with a stop over in Legoland of course.

Unfortunately, we have no pictures from Elias' four year old birthday. Poor kid. But we promise that he did have a good time, and we will definitely get some pictures next year!

Click on the pictures!!!!

Monkey Tonkey land in Lalandia!

Lolandia for Mom's birthday!

Elias tries the big boy slide!

stopping the water Playing in the water stopping the water 2 Cold little boy...

Motorcycle king

Motorcycle king 2

Laeso museum

Laeso museum 2


Legoland - eating on the pirate ship

Elias' first trip on the Dragon!

Legoland - All wet after canoe tour