2006 Summer Vacation Part 1

In July, we had a short visit from Mads, Trine and the family. Joshua enjoyed playing with their daughter Nanna, as long as there were no boys around to see it! 

Then we took up to Grandma Lis' summer house in Sweden for a nice week of swimming in lakes and hunting mooses.

Click on the pictures!!!!

Playing with Nanna

Looking out the window of Grandma's summer house

A visit from Grandma's family

Elias playing with cousin Justin

More playing with cousin Justin Taking a boat trip with Grandma Boat trip on a river Joshua steers the boat

Joshua loves to swim in Swedish lakes

Elias has Joshua on the run

Mommy and Joshua on the pier

Wild Elias swings

On a moose safari

coffee and ice cream: a daily ritual

big waves on the east coast of Sweden

Grandma and Elias on the beach