2006 Summer Vacation Part 2

After visiting Grandma and Sweden, we made a quick stop back home and had a visit from Bente, Hatif and family. Then we continued on Legoland and Laeso, like usual! 

Joshua was just big enough to ride on the new Viking White Water ride. And we were incredibly lucky with the weather this year, and every day was a beach day on Laeso.

Click on the pictures!!!!

Lego VikingWhite Water ride

transformer robots are a big hit!

family photo at Grandpa Viggo's house

Elias the beach lion

Joshua at the beach Elias helps daddy build a castle Joshua's castle Elias buried in the sand

Joshua meets Thomas on Laeso

Elias doesn't like to get wet

Elias learns to like the water

Elias gets his hair wet

Joshua and Elias in the heather

Joshua takes a mud bath

Elias plays at summer home

Joshua mesmerized by Wallace and Gromit

Grandpa's house

lobsters at Annelise's

the lids table at Annelise's

Joshua and Nanna share raspberries