Birthdays and Christmas, Winter 2004

Here are some pictures from Aunt Annelise's birthday in November, Christmas, and Joshua's 5 year birthday on December 27th.

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Aunt Annelise's birthday - TV with Nanna Aunt Annelise's birthday - Elias and Uncle Dan on the Beach Aunt Annelise's birthday - Reading with Nanna Aunt Annelise's birthday - Ice Cream number 2
Aunt Annelise's birthday - Joshua and the horse playing computer together

Experimentarium - Elias and the rolling disks

Experimentarium - Joshua and the floating carpet
Experimentarium - Elias builds Christmas at Grandma's - Joshua gets spiderman gloves Christmas at Grandma's - Elias is puzzled by his gift Christmas at Annelise's - Cooking up a feast
Christmas at Annelise's - A nice Christmas dinner Christmas at Annelise's - Playing Piano Joshua's birthday - the big gift Joshua's birthday - a gift for Elias
Joshua's birthday - visit from Matti and Izra Joshua's birthday - the birthday table Joshua's birthday - the new film captivates Daddy and his two big boys